Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Marriage Venue

Hey hey hey

It dint turn out to be that difficult as sounded , actually I am no one to comment as our friends are the original people who went through the whole process of searching and filtering on the basic level, thanks a lot to you guys  . What we got were the filtered options and we had to choose from them . Initially we had two dates in hand 1st and 4th , our first choice was 4th of dec , the same being sunday , but but but I think the same was the choice of many other people as no venue was available that day. So we decided to compromise on date rather than on venue and finalized 1st of Dec as the final one .

Deciding 1st as the final date was also not so easy task , as one of our bengali purohit denied the point that there is some muhurat on that date . But again our friend Anand Daa did some very appreciating research and concluded that there are two types Panjika in Bongs , while 1st was not mentioned in one of the Panjika , it was duly declared to be a nice muhurat in second one . So here we challenged our professional purohit  ( thanks to Google and Anand Daa :-) ) regarding the date and he agreed and 1st was finalized finally , huff !!

Alright so after the date is finalized , the last and most important task remained is finalizing venue , so after looking , considering and evaluating all the venues . We three settled upon Leela Resorts www.leela.biz , including some images

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